His Yes Is Coming

Back in 2015, we lived in Brunswick, GA seriously struggling to make ends meet. We lived in some shady places there, at one point, our family of 5 lived in a hotel room for a few months. One Wednesday after church, someone I once knew here in Rome had called and was asking about our situation. She said she would be praying for us. Once I hung up, I had a revelation. Being a former employee of Lowe’s, I knew that there was a fairly new distribution center in Rome. I mentioned it to my husband. Once we got home, he jumped online and applied for a position. The next week, we drove up for his interview and he was offered the job on the spot. Two weeks later, we left everything our kids knew and moved to Rome.

A few years ago, Joe applied for a promotion and unfortunately was denied, and was denied twice more over the last few of years. He’s had the opportunity to travel for work and help numerous other distribution centers. While traveling, he’s often asked if he would be interested in transferring to that location. He’s always said no, because I know what it’s like to move from school to school and I didn’t want to do that to our boys.

While in Savannah for the entire month of February, he was asked again. Something about this time felt different. So, we had a family meeting. We sat our boys down (16, 15, and 12) and we laid everything out to them, told them we would take their opinions into consideration. I went to each of them at the end and said “Give me a Yes, No, or I want to think about it”. Two of them wanted to think about it, the oldest said “I don’t want to stop dad from reaching his goals, so I’m in” and then the other two followed their brother’s lead, and said they were in. The next day Joe submitted applications for two different positions in Savannah.

Sunday at church, God spoke a word to me “He’s been denied three times, but his yes is coming.” I took his sermon notebook and wrote that word down for him. I’ve held onto that word.

Joe was denied for those positions without even an interview. The manager at one of the Savannah locations asked Joe if he would be willing to work a different shift to which Joe replied, “If it gets my foot in the door then yes.” He told Joe to apply for that position, and he did. He was then denied again without an interview and not given a reason why.

Heartbroken. Defeated. Left wondering why it wasn’t happening, we put the process on hold to reevaluate. But that word spoken to me “He’s been denied three times, but his yes is coming” kept coming back to me. Maybe it wasn’t the first three times he was denied, maybe it was this go around. So I took it upon myself to look at the positions still available.

Joe called me on his lunch break one day like he always does. I told him about a position I had had found for him. He said “Let’s do it.” He applied for the position. That was March 17th. Some time has passed and I started to give up hope. But God.

Today, April 5th, Joe has accepted a position in Savannah. The Taylor family is moving. His new boss has graciously extended his start date to the end of the school year next month so that we don’t have to pull the boys out of school.

While in Rome, we’ve experienced so much joy and so much heartache. Lost family members and gained so many friends that are more like family. We’ve experienced things we probably wouldn’t have experienced else where. We are so thankful for our time here. We look forward to making new memories being closer to our family and meeting new people in Savannah.

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