A Day To Celebrate!

For so many years I HATED this holiday. Why would I willingly celebrate someone who did such horrible things? But I did so to keep the cover, to keep his secret. But this post isn’t about HIM.

This year, I am beyond excited to celebrate Father’s Day. I get to celebrate my DAD! The man that sacrificially signed over his rights so many years ago and has been waiting in the shadows for me to come running back. The man who had no idea what was happening to his girl. The man who dropped everything to go to Texas and see me when I was sick, even though I was not legally his daughter. The man who moved me into his home so I could be close to school, which I never made it to and that’s okay. The man who hurried home from driving over the road to be by my side when my truth came out. The man my boys happily call Papa. The man who will always be there for me, no matter what.

But this year, I am legally and forever his again. He has always been my dad in my heart even though that paperwork said otherwise. This year I CELEBRATE and honor him.

Happy Father’s Day, DAD!!!

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