My Blooming Life


When events unfolded last July, I knew I would need some sort of outlet.  Some way to convey what I’m thinking, what I’m feeling, and how I plan to move forward.   I had been journaling for a while, but those were my personal thoughts, and ideas.  After some discussions, I decided that a blog would be the best route for me.  I had spent my lifetime keeping my thoughts to myself, it was time to open up.  So I began the process.  Doing my research, finding the right platform.  The I realized, my blog needed a name.  I asked around for some ideas, and each person I asked drew a blank.  Then it hit me!

Flowers have always been a part of my life, one of my first jobs was working for The Coronado Flower Lady.  I learned a lot working there.  The flowers I worked with on a daily basis were so delicate and fragile.  When we received the flowers, they were always tightly closed buds waiting to bloom into beautiful flowers showing their inner beauty.  Like the bud, I kept his secret for majority of my life.  But as I began to share my story, like the flower bud, I began to bloom.  I began showing the strong person I really was on the inside.

As I open up and share my story and begin living a more fulfilling life that bud will bloom more.


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