Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) began April 1st.  It is also Child Abuse Awareness Month.  Until I started going through the process of sharing my story last July, I had never heard of either event.  So I’ve done a little research to make myself a little more knowledgeable in the area. SAAM began as a week picked out in April during the 90’s, but  it wasn’t until April of 2001 that it became observed nationally as a month long event.  Hundreds of organizations across the country put on events in their comunities and college campuses to help bring awareness.

I never knew a month like this existed.  Had I known about this month previously, my story could be different.  There have been so many points in MY story that happened to help get me to where I am today and this fact is one of them.  There will always be a “had I known then…”  and I can’t let those bother me.  There is a plan for my life going forward and I can’t dwell on the what if’s.

So this month I will be participating in a few events here at home.  I participated in SAAM Day of Action on the 3rd, wear teal on Tuesdays to embrace your voice for change.  I’ll also be doing a walk on the 20th, and Speak Out which on the 26th is a time to embrace our voices and to show our support to those who have been affected.  There will be a time for survivors to share their stories with the event ending in a candle light vigil.  If you would like information on these events, check out my Facebook page.  I’ve shared the events there.

What to get involved?  Start here.


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