It’s Me…

Hi sweet, beautiful girl!

It’s me, well you, in 30 years.  I want to talk to you about something that’s going to happen to you.

Sometime soon, C is going to tell you to keep a secret.  Because he is big and strong and scary, you say okay because you don’t know any better.  Sweet girl, don’t keep that secret.  RUN!  Run to mom right away and tell her what has happened.  She’ll believe you and things will be okay.  I promise!  Tell mom because otherwise you will live a life of fear, a life riddled with lies, and a life that will cause severe depression and suicidal thoughts. Tell mom, because you deserve to live a happy life.  If you don’t speak up, it will continue to happen.   Your voice matters, speaking the truth matters.  Don’t keep his secret.

I want you to know that you will grow to become a brave, strong, courageous woman. You will grow to become all of these things.  Even if you don’t tell mom right away, things will be okay in the end.  You have a happy ending to your story.  It’s freedom unlike anything you will ever experience.  It’ll take some adjusting, you’ll have great days and you’ll have days where you feel like staying in bed all day.  That’s okay, you are alive!

You’ll have babies that will grow into strong, smart, amazing boys.  They will love you unconditionally.  They need their mama. So on those bad days: scream, cry, vent, journal, blog, let it all out away from them.  Then wipe those tears and move on.   You are going to do great things…

I love you!


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