I am…

I am: strong, fearless, bold, loving, brave, loyal, unique, honest, giving, passionate, considerate, friendly, complex, funny, supporting, silly, blessed, transforming, kind, warm, sensitive, hard-working, aware, trusting, worthy, valuable, creative, courageous, open,  responsible, vibrant, powerful, patient, mischievous, fun, His, awesome, vivacious, a survivor, resourceful, sincere, blessed, gifted, joyous, fabulous, wonderful, talented, beautiful, willing, grateful, radiant, extraordinary, wise, accepted, content, at peace, determined, smart, graceful, loved, victorious, grounded, expressive, flourishing, safe, happy, secure, positive, unstoppable, healed, strengthened, wild, rooted, confident, accepting, open, precious, bright, sweet, whole, inspired, transparent, adventurous, thankful, respectful, compassionate, present, listening, serving, calm, great, crazy, capable, positive, living, enough, free.

When times get tough, I reflect back and remember I am all of these things and so much more!


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